Namaste Superfoods

Namaste Superfoods was created to provide the finest quality and the most ethically sourced hemp and Superfood related products. Our hemp products are 100% legal, THC-free and produced from only the stalk and stems of industrial hemp which is farmed in the EU. Our range of Superfoods are organic and ethically-sourced, with an exceptionally high nutritional content.

We aim to develop innovative hemp extracts and hemp-based foods that can help to balance the human Endocannabinoid system using the finest and purest quality hemp products.

Our hemp products are safe, clean and recovered from European certified Organic Hemp, which is cultivated to the highest standards. Hemp CBD is sourced from sustainable agriculture, where the non-GMO crops are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides and extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant using a completely safe and eco-friendly CO2 extraction process.

Our products are rigorously tested for quality and customer assurance and guarantee complete accuracy in CBD concentration.