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It is getting colder (and damper and more miserable) and your skin is becoming more demanding…..You need to protect your skin!!

Wrap yourself up from head to toe in nourishing products to protect your skin from drying out. Our wide range of natural hemp cosmetics is the ideal solution.

The lower the temperature and the cooler the weather, the more your skin suffers. It is the autumn and winter period that will usually cause your skin to change, oily skin becomes normal, normal becomes dry and sometimes itchy.

When it comes to the face and décolleté, creams of a denser consistency should be used to hydrate and protect against damage. This can be found in our Cremcann natural creams that will keep the skin comfortably supple and nourished.

Last but not least, lips tend to get dry and crack in the colder weather. Lipsticann is the right choice that will not disappoint. The high content of hemp seed oil and hemp seed extract, along with beeswax and Shea Butter leaves the delicate skin of the lips beautifully supple, soft and shielded from cracking.lipsticann lip balm

Although most of your skin is protected by clothing, we should not forget about it either. Skin is still the largest organ of the human body, and with regular care, it will reward you with its beauty.

Treat yourself with Bodycann Body Milk with 16 natural ingredients that make your skin smoother and rejuvenate the skin after bathing.bodycann hemp body milk

For more intense care, try out Cannol natural hemp seed oil containing 99.4% of hemp ingredients.

For extra dry skin areas such as elbows, knees, heels or shins, opt for hemp ointments that intensively hydrate your skin while deeply nourish it, relieving unpleasant feelings of tightness.

Our miracle called Balcann Organic Hemp Ointment is made to do the hard work. It is 100% natural and contains 44% of hemp ingredients and is also suitable for supplementary skin care with a tendency to atopic eczema and psoriasis.

In our range, you will find an ointment enriched with oak tree bark – ideal for skin prone to cracking. Try Balcann oak bark organic ointment.

In the winter our skin is more likely to be dry but also to be more prone to redness, cracking and overall sensitivity. Protect your skin. Treat it with love and do not forget to protect it.

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This post is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Namaste Superfoods or its staff. There is a wealth of data and information freely available on this topic and links to more scientific research and we suggest you undertake some of your own research.