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Given the upcoming Carnival celebrations it’s a great time to highlight the positive benefits of Acai Berry. The annual masses of dancing Brazilians and the pulsating rhythms from the samba bands in Rio de Janeiro are synonymous with Carnival, and acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a great tasting organic Brazilian product packed with positive wellness benefits (that should get you through the festivities).

Acai berries have sustained traditional Brazilian and Amazonian populations, including the Caboclo tribe, with nutrients and calories for hundreds of years. Supposedly they were able to hunt and gather food for many hours without becoming hungry, tired or weak, which many have attributed to all the phytonutrients and fibre they were obtaining from eating so many acai berries. [1]

Acai comes packed with numerous nutrients including:

  • Antioxidants (anthocyanins, polyphenols, vitamins A, C and E)
  • Healthy fats, including monounsaturated fats and omega fatty acids (including omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 and fatty acids like linoleic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid)Acai Berries
  • Dietary fibre
  • Certain essential amino acids
  • Electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese)
  • Plant sterols (B-sitosterol, campesterol and sigmasterol)
  • Other trace minerals (iron, calcium, copper and zinc)
  • B vitamins (B1, B2 and B3)

In fact, acai berries have more antioxidants than almost any other fruit and contain high levels of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and dietary fibre. [2]




So let’s take a quick look at some of the better known benefits of Acai:

  1. Antioxidants Powerhouse

Much of the benefit you’ll get from eating acai berry is due to its extremely high antioxidant content [1]. Antioxidants contribute immensely to anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Antioxidants help to slow the process of free radical damage which are responsible for “wear and tear” associated with aging. They can enter the body through things like a poor diet, chemical contaminants, environmental pollution and high amounts of UV light exposure. These effects causes the body to deteriorate and develop ailments over time.

  1. Boosts Skin Health

Over the past 1,000 or so years (most likely longer) people have used antioxidant-rich foods and herbal treatments, including acai, both topically and internally to prevent skin degradation and keep skin resilient and healthy looking. People with high levels of oxidative stress often develop dark spots on their skin, wrinkles, fine lines, sagginess and discoloration, which can all be linked to free radical damage within the skin. Many people also use acai berry to get rid of scars, stretch marks, crow’s feet and dry skin. Typically consuming plenty of antioxidants helps the body repair damaged skin cells faster and, therefore, a more youthful appearance is maintained.

  1. Helps With Cognitive Functioning

 Inflammation and oxidative stress are two major underlying causes of cognitive problems, including loss of memory, dementia and other age-related mental disorders. Acai is protective against the damaging effects of stress, including disrupting hormonal balance and raising cortisol levels, which is why some consider acai berry to be an “adaptogen.” Eating plenty of foods with antioxidants is a natural way to improve your focus and memory. [1]

  1. Aids Weight Loss

Known by nutritionists as a superfood, acai may help us not only lose weight but maintain a healthy weight. One interesting study found that pulp from the acai berry had the ability to reduce fat deposits in study participants. [3]

  1. Helps Digestion

Acai may also aid in keeping the digestive system clean and functional. In the human body, the berries have powerful detoxification capacities and are a source of dietary fibre [3]. Of course, there are many other high fibre foods that can do the same thing, including other types of berries.

  1. Offers Protection Against Heart Disease & Diabetes

 Acai powder is a rich source of omega fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9) which are essential for human health. Omega-3 is the same essential fatty acid found in fatty fish, like salmon, which often our diets don’t have enough of. The combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plays an important role in regulating metabolism and supporting heart health. [2]

Although it’s known best for its antioxidants, acai is also considered an anti-inflammatory food because it contains some monounsaturated fatty acids, in addition to dietary fibre and phytosterols that all help promote cardiovascular health. Studies show that regularly drinking acai juice has positive effects on blood lipid levels and can protect the heart. Consumption of acai berry helps lower inflammation too, which is one of the root causes of coronary heart disease and hormone-related problems, including type 2 diabetes. [1]

  1. Immune System Booster

One study found that polyphenolic compounds extracted from acai reduced the proliferation of malfunctioning cells by up to 86%. It is thought that acai berry contains phytochemicals that can disrupt cell mutation at a molecular level, killing the affected cells before they multiply. Acai berries are not a cure for any disease but, hopefully, more research will yield more positive discoveries. [3]

And last, but definitely not least, on this short list of benefits is,

  1. Encourages a Healthy Libido

This famous purple berry is linked to overall increased blood circulation in the human body, a phenomenon that may contribute to a boost in sex drive, especially for men. [3]

And so there you have it…….plenty of benefits and a super easy product to take. All you need is 2-3 teaspoons of acai powder with your food or drinks. Blend Namaste Pure Organic Acai Berry Powder with your favourite fruits and milk for a refreshing smoothie or juice. Mix acai powder into a yogurt parfait or sprinkle it on top of your morning oatmeal. It’s also delicious with desserts like tart frozen yogurt

Acai Berry Powder

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This post is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Namaste Superfoods or its staff.





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